Can i shoot up percocet, xanax...what kind of pills can i shoot up and please give me exact detail how to do it! I shoot meth but never did pills and wana try and i got percocet right now and really wana try it so please help out dont wana hurt myself?


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Uh, yeah, you can. You want to do it but you don't want to hurt yourself?

Percocet and Xanax use are contraindicated by health officials. Why? They act as a respiratory depressant. If you shoot those up, you're going to go into a case of dyspnea and you're more than likely going to suffocate to death. At high dosages. And considering you're already shooting meth, I'm sure you don't want to pussy-foot with low dosages pf zanies and percs. Just do me a big favor, do some reasearch on the meds you got and make sure you aren't popping clonazepam and adderall next week. That would be a huge mistake, too.

Listen, I'm not going to sit here and tell you not to shoot up. Do what you want with your body. But man, doesn't a nice big fat blunt of weed just fill you right up? Get some friends over, smoke a dukey, watch some funny stuff on tv, and slam your face with cheetos. Don't go messing with pharms, because pharms will put you on your ass and in the emergency room with cops standing over your bed, waiting for you to piss in a cup. Don't put yourself in that position. It's either ER or 6 feet under.

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