Where Can I Find A Vein To Shoot Up?


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Finding a vein can be tricky (even trained nurses often have trouble administering injections), but there are a couple of tips that can help you along.

How to find a vein If you're looking for help finding a vein into which to administer your insulin shot, then skip this paragraph.

However, if you're on here because you're looking for tips on how to 'shoot up' heroin, then I'd recommend you take a minute to consider what you're doing to yourself (uh oh, here comes the lecture).

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Many heroin users also spend decades jumping between jail cells and shop doorways. Overall, not a great life.

If you're on here asking how to find a vein, I take it you're a less-than-experienced user. That means there may still be time for you to turn your life around.

I'm guessing you're not going to have an epiphany right now, but I'd recommend you check out the 'Talk To Frank' website at some point.

Finding a vein There are a couple of things you can do to make finding a vein easier:

  • The vein in your bicep is the most common place to inject. It doesn't hurt as much as other sites, and is easily visible.
  • Using a tourniquet will make your veins appear more prominent.
  • Pumping your veins by opening and closing your arms will increase blood flow (although your arm should be relaxed when you inject).
  • Holding your hand below your heart level will help to increase the size of your veins.
  • Making sure you've got good lighting can also make things easier.
If you're struggling with the veins in your arm, the back of your hand is another good location - although it's also more sensitive (and thus more painful!).
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That is a problem that many junkies have but you can always check your ankle.
Also your wrist.

One more thing; there is a lamp that they sell to find veins in your arm - you can buy them on-line for about 70 bucks.

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