How long does it take breast buds to turn into breast?


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The whole process from the breast bud stage till the pubertal development is over usually takes about 3-5 years, but for some girls it may take close to 10 years.
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Girls 12 and +

The best thing to do is massage ur breasts (in circular motions) for up to 4-6 weeks and uyo should be at least a  B-cup  then if u want to grow more try drinking white or chocolate milk stay away from strawberry milk and make sure its the creamy kind so you can gain weight naturally

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Maddie Young answered

It's different for every girl.  It can take from 2-9 years.

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Cheri Sons answered
You shouldn't be concerned, I'm 12, and everyone grows at different speeds. It may take a little while for them to grow, but it will eventually grow at least a little more.
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Everybody's different. My buds appeared in 4th grade, first one than the other, and I was a full D cup by 7th grade, but a lot of girls don't fully develop until well into high school.

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