How Long Does It Take For Meth To Pass Thru Breast Milk If Half Life Is 4-6 Hours?


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If you have spent this much time and know that it is terrible for your baby....don't you think it is terrible for yourself as well?? You should give your baby formula and get yourself clean. Then, if you are clean you can go back to breastfeeding. I think you should stop doing drugs and get help, for your baby and for yourself.

A baby needs a healthy mother more than it needs breast milk!!!

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I would personally not take any risks until speaking to a doctor.  For the baby's sake Please don't do that anymore!  It is killing you and what if something happened and while you were high you could not properly care for your baby?  Meth is such a dangerous drug that why would you want to risk your child's life by trying to figure out the exact amount of hours before your body starts to metabolize it...Give him/her formula.  PLEASE.  I know you at least have some common sense and are possibly trying, but get yourself some help, it will be best for the child in the end.  Think about it, if you get caught you will probably lose that child.
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This question shouldnt even be asked! Your baby will be better off having formula, Its great to nurse, but if your doing meth your baby is suffering the consequence. You do need to seek out some help with this, I hope you do. This is a major issue that only you can solve for you and your baby. Its tough times trying to quit drugs I know but it will be beneficial for both of you before it becomes an even worse problem. You obviously care enough for your child to try and breastfeed so you should care enough to raise your child in a clean drug-free environment.

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