I had a colonscopy two months ago and my periods have stopped since the examination I am really worried and I know I am not pregnant?


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The colonoscopy should not really have any effect on your period as this is a hormonal issue that is only changed by hormones and, of course, pregnancy. There are other things you need to be thinking about instead of being concerned that your colonoscopy has caused it. There are a number of reasons why your period may have changed, become irregular, or stopped for a while.

  • Why am I not on my period?
One major cause of having irregular periods is being stressed. The change in hormones flowing through your body when you are stressed means that your menstruation is affected. Hormones are balanced incredibly delicately in the body and any kind of change can cause many effects. An irregular period is one of those. If you are currently going through exams with your academia, or you are having problems at work, then you could assume that this is the reason why you are having problems with your period. Furthermore, family trouble or bereavement could have an effect given this has a huge hormonal and psychological effect on a person.

It could also be down to anaemia or anorexia. Not eating properly and having an eating disorder can severely damage your health, and by keeping that up your body will change the kinds and amounts of hormones running through your body and being secreted from the brain. Being an anorexic or simply not eating properly is another really common cause for having an irregular period and you should know whether you're not eating enough, already.

For more reassurance and information, you should go and see your doctor and do a pregnancy test just to make sure. As I'm sure you know, pregnancy is one of the most common reasons why people do not have their period on time.

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