I Am Not Having Periods Since Two Months. I Am Getting Pregnant Test Negative And Suggest Meprate. What Could Be Effect?


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When my partner was pregnant we did not receive a positive test at all.  Her doctor did an ultrasound on her and it placed her at about 4 mons. Because he felt something and the ultrasound showed a baby and not a tumor make sure you continue going to the same doctor for this reason because where I live if you don't seek treatment by a certain time your chances of finding someone private are slim to none.  I can't remember what her doctor called this condition and I wish for the best.
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I am not having periods since two months,urine test negative and ultrasound is negative too and my belly is swelling but all symptoms of pregnancy are there.what do you will say about it?
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The Meprate is medroxyprogesterone and is used to treat endometriosis. Your absence of periods can be due many reasons like hormonal imbalance, stress, depression and shock. Take Meprate for at least 10 days and then there will be periods 3 days after the discontinuation of Meprate. For pregnancy discuss with your gyn.

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