What Causes Your Stomach To Feel Bloated And Full Of Gas Even When Nothing In Your Diet Has Changed?


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Hi kerribayer!

I apologize for being so late with my response, but I've only been with the site a short time. I had these problems about 4 years ago!

These problems turned into horrible pain for me, and when I absolutely couldn't stand it any more, I ended up in a hospital emergency room where I spent 8 hours, had an electrocardiogram, X-Rays and bloodwork and left with appointments for an ultrasound on my gall bladder, an endoscopy (where they put the little lighted camera down your throat to examine your stomach first-hand!) and a colonoscopy! All my test results were good, thank God, and I was diagnosed with a small haitus hernia (hole) in my stomach, way too much stomach acid and chronic gastritis. I still have problems on occasion and I take a proton pump inhibitor daily to control the acid.

It could be worse, and I am SO grateful that it's not! I live with it and deal with it. Compared to my M.S., it's a piece of cake!

Best of luck to you, and please let me know how you made out!
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Food combinations can be the cause.For example,eating meat and potatoes together causes bloating since they digest at different rates.
Bread with fruit can also cause bloating. Anything that makes your digestive system more acid can cause fermentation and
the result of that is gas.
Try not to eat a big meal and then sit or go to sleep. Eat light at night so your stomach can rest.
Chewing gum can also cause this,as can swallowing too fast,gulping air and stress.Good Luck!
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Stress and Lactose to it for me!  The answer could be to exercise and eliminate milk and dairy products for a while to see if symptoms subside.
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Hi I am 37 and I want to get pregnant but I have a period problem and now the doctors will put a camera in my throat I am very scared what they might find what are the causes
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I heard before eating,I forgot the reason though but I am pretty sure its before...you eat.

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