I'm a 13 year old girl and I weigh 164 lbs. I'm 5'4, AM I fat? But the thing is everyone says I'm gorgeous and have an awesome hour glass figure?


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You probably do have an hour glass figure but I think the "fat" goes outward for you on your stomach and not to the sides. Because in your picture you do look a little big but I wouldn't say fat. I think that you should do some running and abb work outs.(: Because your weight is very high my mom is 5'5 and she's 36 wit a great hour glass figure and she weighs 137 or somethin like that. So I think it's all in your stomach. And your not fat you just got more meat on your tummy from what I can see. And you can be gorgeous and have an hour glass and still be chubby lol
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If you are an athlete most ok that mass is probably all  muscle. And you are probably fine. Just keep eating healthy and exercising right, and doing what you do. :) But if you are too worried about it have your mom take you to the doctor and have them tell you what's best for you :D
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Sure why not, must show a more describtive picture
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Honestly and no offense here but you should be half that weight right now so try eating healthier and do more exercising to trim down here before you get into trouble as you get older, sorry and good luck
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I'm a guy, 14, 5"4 and 120 pounds, I'm not sure wuts up with your friends but your not at the weight regular girls are, but its by all means ok if your friends say your pretty, you got a good thing goin
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Me is gymnast I went to doctor and said I was 32% muscle he said I very strong and lean and healthy me is lvl 8/9 and age 11

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