Does your body sweat urine?


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The ammonia that is present in body sweat is also present in urine; this is why people assume that the two substances are the same. However, urine contains ureic acid and other substances that are not present in human sweat. Therefore, the two materials are not the same.

  • Fun facts

Urine is sterile, but body sweat is not sterile, since it can be contaminated while moving out of pores. Body sweat can be excessive, and, sometimes, this condition is treated with Botox injections (on the soles of the feet, for example), strong anti-perspirants and deodorants, and laser hair removal (this will give skin better "breathability").

  • Deodorants and Alzheimer's disease

Many people struggle to cope with excessive sweat that may be tinged with an ammonia odor; for these people, deodorants containing aluminum are often needed. However, many holistic health practitioners consider aluminum a very unhealthy and toxic thing to put on the human body. Some scientific researchers have linked aluminum deodorant usage with the development of Alzheimer's disease, which slowly and surely erodes the memory and brain.

This tragic disease affects many people who are elderly, and causes them to lose the precious memories and mental faculties they have gathered during their lifetimes. Today, many people opt for natural deodorants, such as those produced by Tom's of Maine, that contain no aluminum. However, for excessive sweaters, these natural products may not have the strength and staying power to remove or neutralize body odor that is a result of perspiration.

Learning more about sweat and its chemical composition can fall under the scientific category of chemistry. Every substance has a chemical composition which affects its properties, smell, taste, and viscosity. Books featuring the study of chemistry and body chemistry can be found in school libraries and public libraries. Online scientific resources are also available to people who want to learn more about the body's processes.

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