Is it normal to want your/a girl more when shes on her period? And to have NO issues with having intercourse w/ her during that time of the month?


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Usually women have an inceased sex drive when they are on their period, as this is our "fertile" time of the month, although the stereo-type is that women do not want sex their body is actually telling them otherwise.

As for a man wanting their girlfriend more at this time, I would think this would be normal too - kind of like how male dogs want female dogs more when their in heat - there would be nothing wrong with it as this is how humans are meant to function, we are mammals like anyother

As long as someone personally does not mind the blood (and sometimes smell - don't experience this personally) then that is a personal opinion, my opinion is whenever your horny your horny but like I've said before to each their own
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Well at first the blood used to bug me but after the first time (made sure I wrapped it up of course) I can't wait to f*ck my girl again on her period! Its just exciting cause shes more horny so in turn I get more horny...feel me?

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