Is It Normal To Have Two Periods A Week Apart?Especially If One Was Heavier Than The Other?Is There A Possible Miscarriage Or I Conceived In That Time Frame Or Change Of Season?


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It is not normal for women to have two periods in one week, and it is also not possible that a woman can have a miscarriage so shortly after a period has occurred.

• Possible reasons for excess bleeding

There are a number of possible reasons that bleeding can occur when a woman is not on her period. One of these reasons is simple hormone fluctuation. This is when the hormone levels change, and this can be brought about for a variety of reasons including stress and anxiety.

Bleeding from the vagina can also occur if objects have been inserted into the vagina. If the bleeding starts after sex, then it is possible that a small tear has occurred. Some malignant cancers can cause bleeding from the vagina, as can certain antibiotics, especially those taken for vaginal dryness. Taking aspirin when on a period can cause a period to last for a longer length of time, and can also make the bleeding heavier.

• A normal period

Everybody is different, and this is also the case during a period. Some women will bleed more heavily than others, whilst the length of time of a period can also vary. The average period length is 4 to 5 days, although it can last longer. Contrary to popular belief, the change in seasons has no effect whatsoever on the period a woman has, whether it is the amount of bleeding, or the length of time the period lasts for.

If anybody is concerned about the amount of bleeding during a period, or the length of time that a period lasts for, they should consult their doctor, as they will be able to determine if the bleeding is excessive or not. They can provide treatments to remedy the problem.
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First, it is not normal to have periods within a week from the previous one. It can be an irregular period due to some hormonal imbalance. It can't be miscarriage so early as had your normal period a week ago. The change of season also doesn't have any effect on irregular periods. You must see your doctor for complete examination.
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Is is normal to have a period, a little over a week that you had your last one. But have no cramps at all on the second,

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