I want to know it's an emergency. Can she get pregnant having sex 8 days after her menstrual?


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Women can get pregnant through sexual intercourse at any time of the month, regardless of where they are in their menstrual cycle. However, at some times of the month a woman will be more likely to conceive than others. At a time of eight days after a period, a woman will be almost at her most fertile, so could indeed be pregnant.

  • How will we know for sure?

The only way to find out for certain whether a woman is pregnant is to get her to take a pregnancy test (or two). This test will reveal whether she is currently impregnated to a high degree of accuracy, although will only usually be reliable a week after the pregnancy was began. Although taking a test can see scary at first, it could potentially save days of pointless worry. Even if the test reveals bad news, the earlier a pregnancy is discovered, the better - you will have more time to get prepared and decide what to do.

  • How to prevent pregnancy

The only way in which to prevent pregnancy is through using reliable contraception. With a new or temporary partner, you should use condoms, as they also effectively prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. With a long term partner, a woman has a range of contraception options, from the pill to the injection to the contraceptive rod.

Of course, no method of contraception is totally effective. For this reason, many people choose to use two complimentary methods simultaneously. If you have a contraceptive 'accident' (for instance, if you forget to take a pill) you should seek medical help immediately. The 36 hour pill is one option for emergencies.

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