Are braces a turn off to guys on a 17 year old girl?


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Hi Jessie, yep braces are worth it, and lots of us had them, its worth it in the end, and a great big smile, and braces these days is quite common....better than funny teeth, and well the dentist might not be so stupid, because they would have fallen out anyway, and the new ones will grow in, if they are baby teeth. You must have looked after your teeth well to keep these two. Look ahead to how it will be to have a great set of mollers and no sweat, it will be !!!! In the end. Gee who likes dentists --Oh and no it won't put of the really nice guys, for sure, they go for personality and great company and more So -        Keep Smiling!
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Jessie Delaine
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You're right, I guess in the end it is all worth's the two teeth on either side of the very front ones, so i'm just glad they'll be (mostly) grown in by the time school starts again
catherine adams
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Thank Jessie and go well - you've got a great personality and have lots of fun !
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I'm 17, and used to have braces, and my Ex LOVED my braces, he thought I looked awesome with me, he hated when I got the off :/
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Jessie Delaine
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LOL thank you, well at least you have pretty pearly whites now :D I get mine on thurs -_- not looking forward to it, I have to get 2 front teeth pulled (still baby teeth, stupid dentist) i'm worried about looking like a jack-o-lantern till they grow in!!

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