My Braces Hurt My Lip. What Should I Do?


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You are doing the right thing by going back to see your dentist. Maybe he can do some adjustments for you to make it a little nicer for you. In the meantime, increase the amount of orajel that you are applying to the sores, and when the orajel has worn off enough, rinse your mouth with warm salt water, do not swallow it, and then apply the orajel again. Hope this helps, good luck.
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This happens every time that I don't use wax and fall asleep. It really sucks, I feel your pain. That's the only thing that really worked for me. I don't think that this happens to most people that have braces, I guess some people have sensitive inner-lips. Anyway, just ask your orthodontist for like 5 packs of wax, and just use it nightly, putting 1 strip along the bottom braces. Shaboom, you're good to go.

Good luck.

I get mine off in 3 weeks!
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Try applying the wax, if it doesnt work go back to your orthodontist
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Use wax, You just have to stick a little ball of wax on the hook and you will feel the difference. If you can't do it then go to your dentist and ask him to do it for you.

Best of luck buddy.
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I used wax and some bonjela when my lips started hurting. It does work, it will stop hurting after a couple of days.
Good luck!

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