When exercising, does jogging in sessions have the same effect as in one session?


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John answered
Let's put it this way I walk /walked for a hour a day and dropped 80 pounds in less than 5 months. In other words any exercise you do in short bursts will up your heart rate and burn more calories. It is what they call a after burn. In other words your resting heart rate will be shall we say made to be hire even when not exercising. So once you get into a standard routine of walking/jogging  even when taking a day off you will burn more calories than you did before you started walking/jogging. In other words your engine will idle hire than it did before.  : ). In other words you will have re-programmed your body to some extent making it more efficient zoom zooom. : ) hahahahaha
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Jogging in sessions won't be as beneficial or  intense and so less calories will be burnt off as a result of less exertion.
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Well, at school my teacher said that jogging for a short period of time taking a break and the jogging again gets your heart going faster. So you might try that

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