We Are Trying To Conceive And I Have Been Experiencing Bloating, Diarrhea Last Night, Lower Back Pain (in Hip Area), Gas, Peeing A Lot, Cramps And Tiredness. I Dont Start My Period For About A Week And A Half, Could This Mean Im Pregnant?


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Your all signs can be due to pregnancy except diarrhea. In fact all signs of pregnancy are not authentic because many other conditions can also cause these symptoms. One common condition that have pregnancy like symptoms and mislead for pregnancy is premenstrual syndrome. This conditions is due to high levels of hormones few days before periods. During pregnancy these hormones levels are also high. So, it is fifty fifty that you are pregnant.

You can clear your doubts by getting pregnancy test and one and a half week delay in periods is sufficient time to get accurate pregnancy test. So, get pregnancy test.
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I have been experiencing the same problem and I am freaking out. My last periods were the 24th of November and I had sex with my boyfriend the 30th of november. We were protected and it isn't even time for my ovulation period but I am experiencing the exact same problem with back pain, dihheria, the urge to go to pee at twice an hour and I actually do pee and rotting a lot ... Can this mean I can be pregnant?

I am freaking out

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