IM 44 Years Old And IM Getting My Period Every Two Weeks? Oddly I Do Not Have Cramping As In My Usual Periods. This Has Been Happening Now For A Few Months. COuld I Be In Pre-menopause And If So What Are Other Symptoms? IM Not On Birth Control- Tubes


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
You and me both girl. Been going through the same thing for several year now, I am now 46, it started in my late thirties and never know when it is coming on which makes things real difficult. Have you started having the hot flashes and cold sweats. God those are the worst,. I have found myself walking in snow just to cool down and then my feet freeze.  This is a horible time but cannot take homone treatement as I have reaction. Good luck my friend and maybe see a doctor about hormone treatment if your body can take it. Most can, but long story short, I can't

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