How To Become Physically Smart And Good Body (any Food Tips)?


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I am 18 year old guy and my weight is only 44kgs so what should my daily diet? I want increase my weight?
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The best thing is to join a gym and do body building. It is a concept that underweight people can’t join it which is not correct. Every body needs toning; if you leave it then the body muscles become lose. But be very careful with the machine workout because if you use them wrong then you may face some physical problem like spinal problems, crams, muscle pull or some internal problems as well.

You should have a healthy diet. As you didn’t mention your height so I will suggest you to have 5 small healthy meals per day. Like fruits, vegetables, have lots of water and 2 to 3 glass of milk daily. This will increase your metabolism; will help you to lesson your laziness and you will feel more active.

Just try it and you will feel the different with in few weeks. All the best :)
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Five must-dos:

Get enough sleep

Just one extra hour's sleep per night in the run-up to a major event can make a huge difference to your physical appearance and your general mood.

Drink water

Water is vital to feeling and looking better, and I recommend that my clients drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water per day. If you become dehydrated your body underperforms and you can end up feeling tired and sluggish.

Have a day off between workouts

You become physically stronger when you recover from training, not during the session itself. Even when I was training Hugh Jackman for X-Men II we trained only every other day.

Plan ahead

This applies to everything. To help you stick to your nutrition plan you should take 'good' food with you. This way you avoid the temptation to stray. Another tip is to use a diary to schedule your workout and rest days. This way you always know where you are, and you can make sure you have fun on your days off.

Read the label

Some food packaging can be really misleading. For example, low-fat products often have elevated levels of sugar (simple carbohydrates) and some bottled water has high levels of salt (sodium; or Na).

Beach-body exercises:

Squats (legs)

Press-ups (chest/shoulders/abs)

Dips (triceps)

Sit-ups (abdominals)


The meal before your workouts, eating a little less than normal is good, and eating foods with carbs and Vitamin C can give you energy. The meal after your workouts, eating foods that are high in protein help your muscles recover. But, the most important thing is to drink lots of water. Energy drinks, no matter what the commercials, cannot replace water. Drink water, and lots of it. 

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