How To Starve Yourself And Lose Weight?


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First of all, starving yourself is NOT the way to go about losing weight. You will do more harm than good to yourself by not eating, and it can lead to nasty disorders such as bulimia.

If you want to lose weight, perhaps think about lowering your portion size for your meals. It is important that you eat at regular intervals at least three times a day to maintain a healthy digestion and diet. The obvious advice is to cut down on your intake of fatty foods, and eat more green vegetables, salad and a variety of fruit. Try steaming food rather than frying or grilling, as this is a less fatty way to prepare food.

Also, maybe try working out your BMI or body mass index, to ascertain if you actually need to lose weight or not. To calculate your BMI, find out your weight and divide it by your height. If it is 18 or under, you are classed as underweight and definitely don’t need to lose weight! If it is 19 - 25, this is classed as normal weight. 25 - 29 is classed as overweight and 29 or above is classed as obese.

You should go to your doctor if you are planning to lose weight, as they can assist you in setting up a diet plan that is right for you and give you lots of tips for healthy living.
Because you said that you want to starve yourself, I think you have been misled as to the right way to lose weight. Starving yourself is extreme and can make you very ill because your body needs food to survive. If you deprive your body of it, you could end up fainting or worse and end up in hospital for your trouble. I know it sounds weird, but the best way to lose weight is to keep eating - but healthily!
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Okay sweethearts just cause you say its bad for you, don't do it, Is stupid of you cause she/he are not going to listen to a stranger, so just shut up I know this roll.
Look at yourself in the mirror it is  possible to lose weight without starvation but if it must come down to it this its the best tip you'll ever get. I'm young, yes, but I'm smart, I study the way the body works, is this healthy? Of course not, will it work? Hell yeah! I'm 5"9 I weighed 165 pounds now I weigh 145 big difference right? Here's the trick, starve for a day. Eat something like Raman noodles and fruit , tea like herbal tea, cheap and yummy for the next day. Chew gum to keep from snacking its hard!!! I know!!! Especially at school when all they serve is junk. Don't do it, take a snack, but if you can help it do not eat after twelve. This is worth it I'm currently losing more weight ;] its the best thing ever, the feeling of being beautiful, and thin, and stared at, and being touched by some one you love, when you feel sexy :} its defintly worth the feeling.
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Diet coke, iceberg lettuce, and LOTS of water. Cigarettes help. And coffee black. I know this isn't healthy or popular but sometimes you need to lose weight fast. I am trying to be better about it but if you want to know and are an adult who am I to stop you. Sorry if this offends.
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I love this i think the cigarettes will be the main factor also lol smoking replaces my urge to eat... What about diet dp?? And how do u handle black coffee??
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Well I'm starving my starting now...its only for a few day until I lose10-20 pounds.... I'm not that overweight im13 and 150 I'm trying to get 2 130-120...wish me luck...
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I'm also 13 and I also starve myself. When I started, it was meant to be a couple of days or whatever until I lost a LITTLE bit of weight. Now, whenever I eat, I feel fat and I want to cry,I am now doing it all the time (Its been about 2 months) and I can't help it. I know I am just a stranger, but please be careful. That's all I ask. (I am 90-95 pounds...I forget..)
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Bad thing to do, to starve yourself like that. Too many health problems come about because of that, please find a healthy alternative, like eating healthy and walking. Hope this helps.
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Geting fat is from eating a lot, so to starve yourself for geting thin is better, but you should feel hungry and need have some food too, so you should have some light food and fruits or vegetables when you need eating .
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First of all don't starve yourself because all that does it slow your metabolism down and cause you to be weak.I have a diet plan that can help you lose that weight in about 4 days.Its a jump start diet . You should consult your md before you do anything though.Please don't starve yourself because it could lead to an eating disorder without you even being aware you have one.
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To starve yourself to lose weight, is an extremely bad thing for your body, I know because I used to do that, and I ended up having heart palpitations that could have killed me at any moment. There is nothing glamorous about this at all. You also lose the strength in your bones, so if you are to take a fall, you are risking breaks and more serious injuries. If you really want to lose weight, then you should eat properly, smaller portions, and exercise regularly. This is the only real way to lose weight safely. Hope this helps.
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Never starve yourself since you can still gain weight from that. Just exercise daily and you will lose some weight.
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Cappa is absolutely right! Starving is EXTREMELY bad for you. You could end up becoming anorexic.
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Do not starve yourself! In the time you aren't eating you will loose loads of weight but eventually your metabolism will slow down so much and you won't loose any as your body will know you are starving and therefore start storing any food you eat as fat to keep you alive. And bother saying you won't be eating anything, because eventually you will have to start eating again or you will severe problems with your body, you may develop eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia and if you do it for long enough you will die! And when you start eating again your metabolism will be so low that you will start putting on twice as much weight on as you started with! So it is very bad in the long run because you will put on even more weight and you may become very ill!
I recommend just cutting down on what you are eating already. Start of with drinking at least 2 litres of water a day as sometimes we mistake being thirsty with being hungry and start eating, I think it is a good idea to drink a glass of water every time you feel hungry and wait for about 20 mins and see if you are still hungry and if you are just eat something small, so when you would usually have 2 portions just have one cutting down on small things and it won't make any difference to how hungry you are. I know I just like eating even if I'm not hungry because I like chewing things, so I chew bubble gum because it won't make you fatter! Or you could try eating ice that's what I do because it contains 0 calories and it really works. Never miss breakfast because your body hasn't eaten anything in 12 hours so you need to get your metabolism started so you can loose weight! Don't forget it doesn't matter how many calories you eat as long as you burn them off! So maybe try going on a short jog/run every day for about 15 mins and if you can't manage that just go on a short walk as long as you are moving. Personally I recommend joining a swimming club, that's what I do and I go swimming for 1hour 3 times a week and I feel so much better after doing it. Don't forget if you don't buy any unhealthy things you can't eat any! And the easiest thing to do if someone offers you an unhealthy snack is just say no! I hope I have helped and I could help more if I knew your age height and weight! I hope you take my advice it really works!

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Don't starve yourself to lose weight, it not good for your health, there are some many ways to control your eating without having to starve yourself. When you carve for something sweet it a piece of fruit that is sweet to take it's place, and there are some snacks that are low in fat.
Don't eat late at night, nothing past 7:00 p.m. Go for an evening walk to take your mind off of things. But most of all even if you don't loss any weight, learn to love who you are, I am being to learn that myself. Since I haven't been able to walk and do things I use to, I have put on weight and I have to get use to it and accept I will not be 100lbs anymore and
be happy with myself, I am almost 52 years old and it's a fact of live and we all have to live with something we may not like about ourselves and others, but we learn to live with it and accept things the way they are and not want we think we may want. Love yourself and do what makes you happy and to hell with what other people may think or want for you. Love Your Self
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You will never be healthy if you starve yourself, I am 5ft5 and two years ago starved myselft down from 8stone to 7 stone. Felt fantastic but now I have severe iron disorder, my hair is falling out and I am still having loads of test from doctors as I have really messed up my body. Now I have learnt the hard way. My partners a personal trainer and all you have to do to loose weight is do a light workout every day . .30 min run say, weights(you wont get bulky as you are a girl) but muscle burns fat quicker that fat burns fat. . Makes sence. Then eat breakfast otherwise your body will store the fat and thats not what you want, but have a apple for breakfast, and then instead of having 3 meals a day, have 6 to 7 little meals a day, as in salads, carrot and celery sticks. DRINK 2 LITRES of water a day, and lots of fibre. It helps flush out your system and makes you loose weight quicker! Trust me this will work but starving yourself will just make you ill. There is a healthier way to do it, most peope are just not focused enough to commit and find it easier to not eat at all. Hope this works out for you xx
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Yup starving yourself is not a good idea at all..your body will go into starvation mode...mess up your organs..and the list goes on and on.  There's no quick fix. You got to just eat healthy and exercise!!! And drink a lot of water...walk,walk,walk.....drink,drink,drink,....up your protein a bit...should help as well for mussels
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Yes that is true I starved myself for about  1 12 months  I was getting thin and looking good but I felt horrible I was weak but thats only because your body goes into starvation mode in that case your body begins taking away your muscles and it kills your organs as well.
So do a proper diet no junk foods and exercise at least 60 min a day and you will be healthy and happy :)
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Starving yourself is very unhealthy, also it will cause your body to go into "Starvation mode" which will cause it to store everything as fat. Besides the blatant health risks of starvation, you will just gain it back when you stop the diet. Key word is *diet*, it implies you'll start and end it, what your problem is, is you just need to start eating better and exercising daily.
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Thats the worst way to get thin. Eat healthy foods and work out. It takes motivation. You can't get thin and be lazy at the same time. By not eating you will slow down your metabolism so much that once you start eating again your body will hold on to every singe ounce of fat it can, you will end up getting fatter.
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Starvation is neither the smart way nor the healthy way to try to lose weight. It would be like trying to drive a car with no fuel in the tank. You may lose a bit at first, but your body would recognise that it is being deprived, so it would start holding on to whatever reserves it has. To have long term success with weight loss, proper portioned meals with healthy foods and exercise is the only way to go.
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If you starve yourself, you will loose muscle, not fat. Don't eat processed food, too much salt or sugar. No white bread, soda drinks, or sweets.
Eat real food. Whole bread, meats,  raw milk and butter, (if you can get it). Fresh veg, fruits, fish and nuts etc. And take some excercise. The weight will go.

Check out Undergroundwellness on Utube.
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I'm on a diet now because I have a fungus n my bloodstream, my diet is a healthy one which is made for anyone who wants to lose weighht or get healthy. It has no dairy, sugar, meats(except deep sea fish), nuts or bread(unless toasted) do not starve yourself it will make you sick.  I have a wholemeal grain cereal with rice milk for breakfast, sushi or rice crackers with tuna on them, then for dinner I have a vegetarian pizza cooked with vegetable oil or brown pasta with a vegetarian sauce. I have lost 12 kgs and it has only been 2 months, the hardest part is going to be christmas, best if you start after christmas- make it a new yeaqrs resolution.
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I don't think that any person should starve themselfs to lose weight. You should find yourself some help if your having a hard time with your eating. I have been taking Phentramin D for the last two weeks and so far I am loving it. I feel like it curbs my appeitte and I am not always hungry. Plus I have so much energy to keep up with the kids. I have lost 13 lbs  so far and love it.
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Like everybody says, just eat healthy and excercise and you WILL loose weight but tone up while your doing it :) be smart.. People think starving themselves will make them look great and they will  want to go out and show of their new little bodys...but you will be dead befor youll get to show anyone.
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Don't eat anything after 7pm, Eat raw chili pepers and don't eat anything that has wheat. Candy is fair game aslong as it doesn't contain wheat so don't kill your tastebuds.

Don't forget, eat a half or quarter of raw chili before or after all your meals! Chili speeds up your metabolism so after you eat the chili drink some water.

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Gum for me is the answer! I haven't eaten for 2 days, all I've had is water & sugar-free gum. Apparently green-tea is really good too, but I've never tried it, because I don't think I'll like the taste of green-tea.

I didn't want to do the gum thing at first, because I am not entirely fond of minty flavours, but you can get 'Extra' strawberry flavoured sugar-free gum, and it's recommended by the Dental Foundation or something so it's good for your teeth too :) i live on that stuff :)

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If you're going to STARVE yourself, you might want to consider CONTROLLED FASTING instead.

That's the healthy yet effective alternative.

"Eat Stop Eat" is one book that outlines it....One version is to fast 24 hours once or twice a week...returning to your regular eating upon the end of the fast, eating your first meal as if it was any other day...

Then there is intermittent fasting which is to fast for 16 hours of the day and to get all your calories in in the remaining 8 hour window.

I'd strongly suggest looking into these concepts further rather than starving yourself.  Doing that may net you short term results but you'll just end up putting the weight back on by not adopting healthy eating habits.

Educate yourself on the proper way to go about weightloss, that will lead to long term results.  Some diet/exercise programs even yield fast results if you apply yourself to them.  This is one that works well for many.

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First of all it is not good to starve yourself, you don't loose fat if that is what your thinking. Your body begins to eat your muscle if you don't eat. Losing 20 pounds by starving yourself is INCREDIBLY unhealthy.
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It's actually better for you if you eat normally when you are trying to lose weight. This is because then there is some fat to burn off instead of muscle, by normally I mean healthily. Good luck ..xx
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It could take longer than a good diet and exercise considering when a body feels starved it will store anything you take in as fat.
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You don't lose weight by starving yourself. You need to have a well balanced diet and you need to go to the gym regularly.
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Thats the last thing you want to do you should try and lose weight healthy starving your self will just hurt more in the long run
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Ok listen I have a eating disorder and you will lose weight fast , in a week I lost over 10 pounds but it hurts your insides after a while an I kept fainting and its just easyier to go to a gym and start eating salads an drinking water
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You don't. Just run on tredmill for 10mins a day and you'll be ok. Mind you your ankles will start to hurt and eventually you will end up with no legs. So if I were you I'd enjoy cakes and Chocolate![at least you can walk!]
Starving yourself won't'll have so much pain,and you'll be so hungry-you'll eat a lot more than you usually need to cut back on your portions.only eat 3 times a day.have an even time every 5 hours.that helped me lose weight.
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When we starve ourself for a few days ,it's normal that we have lost weight, but the main is to keep it for a long time and natural, so try to get a good habit that you can have light food , fruits and vegetables, and try to not having much food each time.

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