My 18 Years Old Daughter Has Experienced Several "Black Out" Episodes. She Is Otherwise Healthy, Slim, Active, And Eats A Balanced Diet. What's Up?


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Hmm... You are describing two different situations, actually.
First, as to the ordinary blackouts.  I have had them all of my life... Sometimes 1 or 2 on the same day, but generally weeks or months in between.  This usually occurs when I have been sitting or lying down, and am relaxed.. Then I get up quickly and maybe stretch.  Usually I just get a little dizzy, sometimes vision closes in and I go blind.  Generally it clears away within a couple of seconds, but there have been a few times I wound up on the floor, and only 2 times I went fully unconscious.  I think this is caused mainly by the body responding slowly in raising my blood pressure when I stand.. Depriving the brain of blood for a couple of seconds.
As to the situation when she was getting a tattoo... I did tattooing for many years and that is a common occurrence.  Usually people get a little "psyched up" before getting a tattoo.  They are anticipating possible pain, are nervous, and this triggers an adrenalin response.  Pain further triggers adrenalin release.  However, the person has to sit very still, usually under a warm light, listening to the drone of the tattoo gun.  The body does not have the opportunity to burn off the adrenaline, and it causes a blood pressure drop.  There is no predicting who it will happen to.  I did a tattoo on a guy who had full sleeve tattoos.. He had had LOTS of tattoo work before.  Then for some reason, when getting this one tattoo.. I noticed he looked pale and felt clammy.  I told him to take a break.. He got up, took two steps, and fell flat on his face.  He said he had never had it happen before, and most of my customers have commented that my tattoos do not hurt as much as most tattooists do (most tattooists go WAY deeper than they need to).
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Thanks for the import Bill. I had thought Amber's blackouts were blood pressure related until this last episode. She has a very low 'normal' blood pressure to begin with. I didn't think of the "flight or fight" response our bodies go through when confronted with pain, but it definitely makes sense. The tattoo she was getting was not a traditional 'permanent' one, but a henna tattoo that fades away after several weeks and I didn't associate pain with it - I know very little about tattooing. Again, thanks for the input. If anyone else has a different take on the matter, I'm all ears. Oh ~ I got a chuckle out of the irony of our screen names - BillZBub giving ShardOfGod advice LOL
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I have a low "normal" blood pressure as well. It generally measures in the neighborhood of 110/58. So I suspect she has basically the same thing going on as I do during the more typical blackouts.

I know little about henna tattooing, and do not know if they are painful or not. But it seems possible to me that even if they are not, the anticipation and excitement of getting one, then having to sit still, might still have the same effect, with or without pain.

Anyway, I asked a doctor about my low blood pressure once, and he told me it was not to worry about. Nobody dies from low blood pressure until it hits zero.

Hope the info was useful..good luck.

BTW, I noticed that irony too and thought it was kinda humorous as well. People sometimes ask me about the name I use, and believe it or not, I really AM a pretty devout believer in Christ (though I admittedly stumble quite a bit). But I like word play, and find it interesting to see how many people catch on to what my name is. I do not think God will get really upset over it. He knows my heart and what I really believe, and I think God has a sense of humor.. after all, look at the platypus.

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