I Am A 17 Years Old Girl With 60 Kg Weight And My Height Is 5.1ft. What Will Be My Balanced Diet?


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Well this is hard to answer because I don't know your physical activity. If you regally play sports you are going to need more carbs like breads and pastas because they supply more energy. Along with your basics of 4 serves of fruits because you are a teenager, 5 serves of vegetables, grains, nuts, whole-meal products and fish. Now I don't like fish but there are alternatives like the  omega 3 fish tablets that help a lot.

If you don't really play a lot of sports I would try to stay away from carbs because they are the hardest to digest. But don't cut them out all together because you need them and if you don't get enough then it can lead to lack of nutrients that will effect your short and long term health.

The biggest mistake that teenagers make is not eating. DO NOT DO THIS because most likely it will make you put on weight.

I recommend that maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise you should be all good. If you have junk food around the house thats okay because its not a crime to have junk food, but you can ask your mum to limit the amount.

Hope this helps you
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You can go on a diet but once you start eating normally again the pounds will come back. If you wanna loose weight permanently you should change your lifestyle.If you need to know more about your balanced diet according to your weight calculations, you can use this Weight Loss calculator. Eating more vegetables and fruits and less pasta, bread, potatoes and meat. I always eat fruits and/or yogurt with some honey as breakfast and salads as lunch. My warm dinners are mainly vegetables and low fat meats such as chicken and turkey or fish. If you wanna loose some pounds quickly you could try a detox. There are many available where you can eat veggies, fruits and nuts and even some low fat meat a the end of the program in combination with exercises. No need to starve yourself on juices for 10 days. Keep up the healthy eating habits afterwards and you'll see that you'll keep your weight balanced and even love your new healthy eating habits. Healthy foods and exercises are the key ingredients to my opinion.

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I am 12 and I weigh 60kg I know I am obese but I am quite tall. 1m65cm
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You should calculate your balance diet according to your life style and daily calories requirement. To chalk out any diet programme, you should calculate your daily calorie requirement by calculating basal metabolic rate (BMR). You can calculate BMR by formula
BMR for Men=66+(13.7 X wt in kg)+(5 X ht in cm)-(6.8X age in years)
BMR for women =655+(9.6 X wt in kg)+(1.8 X ht in cm)-(4.7 X age in years).
Now multiply your BMR with activity multiplier.
Sedentary = BMR X 1.2, Lightly active = BMR X 1.375,
Moderate Active = BMR X 1.55, Very active = BMR X 1.725, Extraordinary active = BMR X 1.9.
In this way you can calculate your daily calories requirements. If you want to reduce or increase weight then put your desired weight in the weight space of the BMR formula.

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