My Daughter Is Teething And Has A Foul Odor Smell, Is This Normal? She Is 2 1/2 Years Old.


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I recall an incident where my daughter had a foul odor coming from what appeared to be her mouth or that region.  It was pretty bad and no matter what it kept coming back. Thought something may be wrong with her insides.  I mentioned this to a friend and she said a similar incident happened with her. Only the odor was coming from her childs nose.  Well, it turned out my daughter stuck a peice of balogna sandwich up her nose.  And I mean way up.  Undetected it started to rot.  You may want to have a Dr. Check that outl  Once it was removed, problem solved.  Kids do the darndest things. Lol
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My daughter is 2 years old and was just diagnosed with a pseudomonas infection after taking her to the E.R. For a foul smell from her nose, it almost smelled like poo. They gave her antibiotic drops for her nose.
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Where is the foul odor coming from,if you are referring to her bowls yes it is normal,teething sometimes throws the stomach out of whack causing a sour odor to the boels.....good luck

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