Im Having Little White Worms Come Out Of My Vagina?


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Ive heard of this twice.once it was pin worms you can get medication from the doctor to clear that up.and once it was because the woman's husband worked at a morgue and was a practicing necrophiliac.(had sex with the dead)I don't know what it is in your Case but if I were you I would run not walk to the doctor.
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Oh my god... Are you serious plzz tell me your kidding.I can't imagine that... You should go to da hospital...
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If they are grub worms you can open your very own Bait shop!
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Nasty. Definately go get that checked out.
.. If it's what I think it is .. Check your cheeks and forehead for the same type of 'little white worms'.. Usually if you put lemon juice on your face.. Or if you exfoliate. They'll secrete from your pores
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Uh! Thats disgusting! need to get that checked out.(sorry if that sounded harsh but..its pretty nasty)

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