How Does High Caffeine Consumption Affect Your Sleep?


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How caffeine affects people is highly individual.

That said, most people will respond to high caffeine consumption by developing sleep disorders -- insomnia of some kind.

Moreover, high caffeine consumption promotes anxiety. As we all know, worrying about something can keep you awake too, quite apart from whether your mind is just "racing".

Some people can drink a lot of caffeine and not be bothered, as long as the consumption is steady (about the same amount every day). Their bodies adapt to it. Not everyone is able to get used to caffeine, though, some people will always be very sensitive and really need to avoid the stuff to feel okay in themselves -- and get a decent night's sleep.

Children are more sensitive than adults, and young infants are the most sensitive of all. Breastfeeding mothers are sometimes advised to avoid caffeinated drink/food, because young babies get such a lengthy buzz out of mom's single cuppa. Then the baby gets extra ratty, because the poor thing is over-tired and unable to sleep, just because of the seemingly small dose of caffeine that came through in mother's milk.
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Many people drink coffee and soda all day long and then don't understand why they lay awake all night! Many people even "twitch" all night. Also people who take caffeine filled energy pills or diet pills have sleeping problems, too. Another source of caffeine that many people do not think about is chocolate.

Caffeine can cause nervousness and jittery feelings as well as unusual heart palpitations. Many people who are under a lot of stress overdose with caffeine.

You do not have to give caffeine up completely but you should monitor how much you are consuming. A morning cup of coffee to get you going is okay, but try not to stop on the way home to get another cup. Most of all try not to drink much coffee or pop in the evenings before bedtime. You might even be able to fall asleep at first without a problem but chanced are you will wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep.

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