Does Cocaine Consumption On Men Affect On Conception?


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For Sure it does! I'm a recovered cocaine addict I've been sober for 2 yrs. They're are many other factors that contribute to this. But really I mean think about it your putting doses of poison in your body. It affects you from head to toe. It actually gets stored in your fat and muscle, so if you exert yourself you can sometimes taste or smell it even though you may not have used in a long time. Think what it does to the rest of you? It can corrode you stomach , esophagus, nasal cavity and cause brian damage (I'm telling you these things out of what I've seen and experienced). Anyway, if someone is using drugs I'm not sure they should be trying to conceive a child. Drugs and kids don't mix. Take it from me I've made all the mistakes. Good Luck to you.

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