Average Weight In A 6 Year Old Girl My Daughter Weights 60 Pounds And I Am Worried About It.


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The average weight of a six-year-old girl who stands at 41 inches tall is 46.2 pounds based on the current BMI charts used by paediatricians. It is good to keep in mind that these charts are not true measures of indicators of what a child should weigh or how tall they should be. It is a rough average.
Each child grows differently and doctors tend to watch their growth based on the individual. If the child has been growing steadily on the growth chart with no deviation, then the child is probably growing the way they are supposed to. Children have growth spurts during their younger years and they will gain and lose weight faster than you can blink an eye. They will also seem to grow inches overnight. In girls, this is even more dramatic as their body moves from childhood into puberty and the fat content of their body changes.
If you are truly concerned about your daughter's weight, seek the advice of her paediatrician. Your doctor is the one who can tell you if she is on track with her growth or if there is a potential problem. They will be able to help you determine what to do about your daughter's weight and prescribe any necessary treatment and tests to make sure there is no developmental issues. If your child is active, there may be no cause to worry. She may be growing just the way she is supposed to. You may discover that seemingly overnight she has had a growth spurt and her weight has adjusted to her height. Only your doctor can advise you and tell you if there is any need for concern.
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Shes overweight 1st of all should weigh 55 but not a big difference if shes showing signs of diabetes then take her to a doctor its the best thing to do.
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My daughter, who is 5 weighs 60 lbs. Is that to much? She is active and has a lot of energy. She is about 3 and a half feet tall, maybe a little more, but no much.
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My 6 year old daughter weights 40 lbs and is petite. My 10 year old son weights 70lbs.  They are both 50 percentile.  The doctor said their weight is perfect for their height.  They are both also very active. Y daughter does gymnastics and dance. My son does baseball and karate.  They also run around all day ride their bike etc.
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I would say 60 lbs for a 6 year old is overweight, but as others mentioned, you need to take into consideration how tall she is and if any of the weight is muscle. My daughter is 6 and weighs 48 lbs, but she is also about 4" tall.
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How tall is she?  What did you weigh at that age?  Does she float in regular water?  These are are all pertinent.

Taller with "average weight" may be too darn skinny. 

Is there a family history of chubby when young and normalizing with the height-spurt at puberty? 

If she sinks in regular water she has hardly any fat on her and has primarily muscle weight.  This is considered proper for males in some cultures, but women need to have *some* fat for good health.
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My average height 6 yr old boy weights 45 lbs. His 8 yr old sister who is short for her age (she's only a few inches taller) weighs 80 lbs.. BUT.. She is a dancer and most of that weight is muscle.. So you have to take that into consideration too! The best bet is to ask your doctor.. Not a bunch of strangers that don't know your kid. But just look at her compared to her friends.. If she is significantly bigger.. Then cut out soft drinks, sugar drinks and offer healthier snacks like apples and pretzels instead of candy and chips.. But again, your doc will offer the most appropriate advice. Good Luck!
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Your daughter is over-weight. 60 pounds is the average weight of 11 year old girls. Her weight should be around 45 pounds. Though obesity does not signifies the diabetes. There are several other causes of obesity. I have uploaded the chart of girls average weight (as compared with their ages). Have a look.

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6 years old and 60 LB is in the 95% on the chart which is not over-weight. Also, to determine if over-weight you would also need her height.
As for diabetes; you should not use weight as an indicator especially in children. Type I diabetes does not depend on weight and it is a very serious disease that should be determined by a doctor.
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80 pounds is the average weight for 11 year old girls!

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