How Do You Know You Are Ready To Get Your Tubes Tied?


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No one can answer that question except you, honestly. But, if you need some advice I know a little something about this. I am 26 with 3 sons. I myself know in my heart that  they are enough for me. I was a single mother up until my second child was 6 weeks old. Then I met the father of my youngest. Our 4 yr old was his first biological child, so I consulted with him first to make sure that we were in agreement.  If your single, then ask yourself what is best for you. Always go with your first instinct, and never second guess yourself. Deep down inside, only we know what is right for us. Then, if you decide you want more kids in the future, there are a lot of children to whom you could always come to love as your own, just ask my husband. And always remember to pray about it, because who better to ask for help than the one who created all life to began with?
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Are you married? If so, get the chicken to get a vasectomy. 20 min. Out patient for him and back to work in a day or so. Few hours major surgery for you and weeks out of work. 24 is too young for that in my opinion. Who's to say (if you're married) it'll last and your next husband wants kids. Would you deprive him of children?
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Another thing to consider is the Mirena implantable IUD; it's different from other IUD's as it's not metal in basis and can be removed in the doctor's office.  Also insertion is less invasive than other IUD's and rejection rates are much lower from what the trials showed.  It's only 5 years per, but it's got a higher success percentage rate than tubal ligation. Unlike getting tubes tied, it's MUCH easier to reverse if say later on you might want another baby.

We have 5 kids and my wife's now 40 with serious health issues, so it was the best option available.  It's made her periods far less painful and has worked out very well for us thus far.

Hope this helps!


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