Can I Get Pregnant With Tied Tubes?!


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It is very rare for a woman to get pregnant after she has had a tubectomy, or has had her 'tubes tied'. The reason your period is late can be down to a number of other reasons such as a change in your cycle or lifestyle. However, if you're concerned you should consult your doctor for a professional diagnosis.

The only way you can get pregnant after having this type of surgery is if you take extra medical steps to reverse the effects. For example, some women who change their mind about having a child after getting their tubes tied, opt for a surgical procedure to reverse the initial operation. A surgeon will reconnect the fallopian tubes if it is possible. In some cases this can't be done because it completely depends on the type of tubal litigation that was carried out. You should also keep in mind that there is a chance of ectopic pregnancy with this surgery.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an option for women that decide they would like to have a baby after having their tubes tied. It is a very long and expensive process which unfortunately, is not always successful. However, women are more likely to fall pregnant this way rather than having the reversal surgery.
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I'm not sure if you got yourself checked out yet, but the answer to your question is YES! I am living proof it can happen. I had my tubes tied right after the birth of my son,(which was by cesarean), in 1998. My husband took me to the doctor on the 23 of jan. Because I was having strong pains on my right side. I thought it was kind of strange because the pain reminded me of labor pains. I was a week late, which I never am, and my breast were sore and I was really tired. Never would I have thought the doctor would have told me that I was pregnant, One because I had mt tubes tied and Two here it is 10 years later. In my case and In most like this it was an ectopic pregnancy( pregnancy inside the tube),which can not survive. Hopefully you have gotten your menstrual by now, if not I am sure you have seen a doctor by now and I hope you are doing okay. If by chance you have not seen a doctor yet, please go right away, because if you wait too long it you will put yourself in a dangerous position
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Try possibilty

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