I Want To Use My Husbands Sperm To Inject And Test Without Him Knowing Can I Do That?


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Amy Barany answered
Inject his sperm into what?  Your body?  Are you trying to say that your husband does not want children but you want to try to use his sperm to get pregnant without his knowledge and consent?

If so, yes, you technically could do that.  But it certainly wouldn't be mature, healthy, or moral.    

Having a baby is a big responsibility.  It takes a lot of time, money, and emotional preparation.  If someone doesn't feel ready for a baby, they should never be rushed, forced, or tricked.  It would not be fair to your husband, and it wouldn't be fair to the baby to be brought into the world through a lie and with one parent who doesn't even want him or her.  

If you're even considering such a heinous deception, please consider counseling.  You're not going to be a good mother if you have thoughts that are that selfish and unhealthy, and you're not going to be a good wife if you could put such a devastating lie into your marriage.

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