Is It Possible To Get Pregnant Twice And Carry The Babies At The Same Time?


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Yes, this is possible, and it is not a rare happening. Normally, when a woman is carrying two babies, in the same pregnancy, we call those babies identical twins. In the case of a double pregnancy, the babies are called fraternal twins. It is estimated, 2/3 of the twins born are fraternal, rather than identical twins. Yet they may look enough alike, after birth, to appear as identical twins.

If, you would like to read the very simple explanation for fraternal twins and identical twins here is really good website to read and enjoy.
This site is full of other information of interest for parents who are expecting twins, or have a history of twins in their families. One section I like is "Annoying Questions," so many people ask. I love the suggested responses!

Stay healthy and good luck!
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Today is Sept 25, 2009
I just saw this on TV last week where a woman "conceived" a second child 3 weeks after her original pregnancy. This has nothing to do with "carrying twins"
But she is now carrying two babies that are 3 weeks apart in age. This should be
very interesting when she is ready to deliver them
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May be I am pregnant and last year had premature baby
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It is possible also for the babies NOT to be twins, either identical or fraternal.
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Yes it is ...   And you can get pregnant  too day and too day later get pregnant again and both baby's can have different dad's if you have more then one sex Parter

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