If you smoke weed everyday, can you smell it like on your breath and can people look at you and tell you've been smoking?


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Sure they can, it affects the skin and behaviour. And a smell might linger if you've not got good personal hygiene - teeth etc, changing clothes, and its addictive, so why smoke it everyday. You seem concerned about being found out Allison, Perhaps you need some advice on the outcomes of addiction and how one thing leads to another and heavier drugs, like coke.....Sure someone close to you will notice. Hope useful.
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Lol i dont do drugs im worried about my brother he does and if my dad found out he would be mad as h***
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Yes, if you smoke for an extended peiod of time, it will show in your appearance. Smoking causes you to age faster, which means wrinkly skin and stuff. You also get bad breath and yellow teeth from smoking for a long time. Also, you might overall look "messy", since weed costs a lot, and all you're paying attention to is smoking, since you smoke weed everyday. Weed, since it's technically marijuana, can affect you mentally and emotionally as well (Ex, mood swings, addiction). I'd like to thank my Drug/Alcohol unit in school for supplying me with this info.
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Yes it smells horrible I wounce had neighbors that smoked at I hated going near them because they smelled like tabbaco
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Hey Arthur Wright, give a few tips on the signs.... Mine were a lay-person....oops maybe not....have a good day Arthur...

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