How Do I Get Off Heroin?


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Okay clearly the answer I just read is bs also its impossibly to beleive this guy knows what the heck hes talkin about. Ppl like us started takin heroin n opiods to drown out pain and differences, ive been using iv's for aproximatle 6yrs now (unfortunatly) I started out shootin mainstream at the age of 19 at that time drug of choice was cocain as years went on I got away from the coke n stuck with oxy cotin 80s only, n then substituted heroin for the oxys at that point I looked back on my life and noticed I was using because of pain and depression, I lost a long term g/f only girl I ever loved as well as as my father so my habit got stronger. So opiods are more common for ppl with suicidal thoughts extreme depression and bi-polar. So when someone says its easy just don't use, its the same thing as telling someone whos completly happy n satisfied with life to take this gun n kill themselvs. Thats what its like for us we if quit cold turkey   it shows, note: IF YOUR A LONG TERM OR HARDCORE DOPE USER you SHOULD NEVER QUIT COLD TURKEY!!!! You will either fail or die trying, there fore whats left is methadone sadly but true the only way to get off dope succesfully with the least amount of pain and anxiety is thrue a mehtadone program. Now, however if you have no plans on stoppin methadone wont work you got to want it to work and work at it. I was clean for 2yrs when my bestfriend died and I relapsed now I'm on methadone n shooting a half g of heroin daily to maintain. If you truly want to quit go to your local mathadone clinic pee for them proves your on opiods n you get a drink the drink will indeed get high n you wil nod all day untill bedtime for about 2 weeks. Ask you doc for a limit say nomore then 80mg of methadone n tell him you want to come down    by 2mg each week. I been on meth for 4yrs n thats the only thing that works. To big of a jump say by 5s or tens will be to much. Just don't be using while on methadone or you will end up like me shootin drugs n takin meth theres no point because the meth wont let you get as high as you would withought it. So if you want to be a kool guy n do the cold turkey I PROMISS you after about 7 days -12 you WILL use again. N don't listen to ppl who say " its easy man just stop or just smoke a lot of weed or drink" there idiots who don't know what its like to be depended on opiods. Sorry for the typos I'm in a rush n very much wanted to help cause I know what its like to scream n nobody hears you I hope things get better for the ppl who read this and just remember the ppl that look down on you are those who don't understand whats its like to be fed up with your thoughts n emotions and goin to shrinks n what not that sh!t never works so many of us went to the bottle many of us went to the green stuff but the ones who are at the end of their ropes,well they do dope n if you keep doin dope it will kill you if not it will be the sickness that lives within. So if you want to get off the sh!t succesfully do the methadone program. Its a long precess like I said I been on it for 4yrs it should only ever be intended for up to a year max anything faster wont do the trick. It takes time but trust me your worth it
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Really instead of asking the world you really should go to your doctor and figure that out
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I really liked what u had 2 say you are a hundred % right! I've only done the drug for 6 months but my boyfriend has for 5 years...we spend 2500 a month...every thing that could go rong has went rong...dus,Jail,and I od..I have 2 go drop twice a week for probation and been clean for 13 days...I'm so worried that if I can't get him 2 ween him self down or something that I'm going 2 be back on it as soon as I can get.away with it.I'm so scared 2 loose him he is the love of my life.what do I do?
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Suboxone. Methadone is a huge government scam and will have you hooked for a lifetime. Find a suboxone approved doctor in your area. Subs are expensive, but the pharmeceutical company will help. If you have no medical insurance and are low income, you can apply to the "here to help" program at
We did this for my son and so far (knock on wood) its been a life-saver.
I advise anyone with a heroin addiction problem to try it.
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I am a drug addict and alcoholic who has been sober for 18 months. I have never used heroin personally, but many people that I was in treatment with had heroin as their DOC (drug of choice). I would recommend a 12 step program. Find Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in your area. The internet can help you locate these. Although opiate withdrawals may feel like you're dying, you actually wont die unless you kill yourself. I suggest checking into detox or a treatment facility. Finding a 12 step treatment facility will increase your chances of staying clean, as they give you time and practice. I would recommend cold-turkey withdrawels, despite how painful they may be. At least after the week of Hell, you are completely cleansed of all drugs. Also, using any substance (weed, alcohol, pills), will most likely lead you back to shooting dope, so pure abstinence is your best bet. Not easy, but I can assure you a better life if you get into a 12 step program.
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Easy,just do something else you love without harming you could go and see your mates once a day and see if they have any advice apart from this but just do something you like doing apart from taking drugs...or if that does not help then go and see a doctor about it...he will help for sure :-)
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No disrespect to "anonynous" but there IS nothing else that an addict loves but the drug. Heroin in particular is a severely debilitating drug to detox from. You cant substitute alcohol, you cant take pills, you cant add anything to your system while you still have heroin in it, otherwise you just might have respiratory failure. Only certain doctors have expertise in addiction. I suggest you see a doctor who is licensed to prescribe suboxone.

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