If I inhaled 3 hits of weed,and I way 205 pounds,how long will it stay in my system?


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The length that cannabis stays in your system depends on a couple of factors, and varies between each individual user.  To work out how long cannabis may stay in your own system, you should evaluate the following:

How often do you smoke cannabis?

  • If a person only inhaled three hits of cannabis, and hadn't previously used the drug, it is likely that it would only stay in the system for a couple of days. 
  • If a person inhaled three hits of cannabis, but was also a regular users, it is more likely to remain in the system for a longer period of time.  For moderate users, this length of time would vary, but could be estimated at around two to four weeks.
  • If a person is a heavy cannabis user, the drug takes much longer to eradicate itself from the body.  In fact, heavy users could estimate that cannabis will remain in their system for up to three months or so after final use.

Ultimately, if someone smokes three hits of cannabis, and isn't a regular user, it will only stay within their system for a couple of days. 

Here's a video of a doctor discussing the average length of time cannabis remains in the body:

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