I Took About 8 Or More Bong Hits Of Marijuana Within 2 Days How Long Will It Stay In My System?


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My boyfriend did a University paid Marijuana drug test not too long ago.  They wanted to see if the drug affects mood, attention, and IQ.  He was instructed to smoke regularly for two weeks.  An the end of the two weeks he came in every day and took a drug test.  After three days, his urine test was clean.  He did not "detox" and is 5'8" weighing 150 pounds.  Marijuana is stored in Fat.  The heavier you are.. And the more you smoke, the longer it is in your system.  And that study inadvertently proved that.  He smoked every day.. Usually with a bong for two weeks..  Taking anywhere from 3-8 hits a day.  Usually "DRO".

Because of the way it is stored in your system..  Any water weight loss programs, or just weight loss programs in general will speed up the process of relieving the toxin from your system. Also, many flush their system with cranberry pills and water.  Be aware: Cranberry cocktail is NOT the same as cranberry juice. Cocktail is pure sugar, causing more fat, and less natural cleansing. You should take cranberry pills, or go to a health store and buy pure cranberry juice..  It is very bitter.  Also, sun harvest store sells a natural "detox" blend of herbs for about 10 dollars in the liquid herbal supplement section.  It is just called "detox" .

I hope all this helps.

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