How Long Do 4 Hits Of Chronic Weed Stay In Your System? I Hit The Bong Four Times On Sunday, And I Have A Urine Test On Tuesday. Will I Pass?


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It depends entirely on how regularly you use marijuana and how fast your body's natural rate of metabolism is.

From how much chronic weed you say you have taken just days before the test it seems likely that you will fail.

Chronic weed is defined by any strong and high quality brand of weed.

It doesn't specially denote any type of marijuana, but instead is a term that is used to describe a range of cannabis that is deemed very good.

How long does chronic weed stay in your system?
  • Someone who smokes weed on average two to four times per month could still have traces of THC in their system up to eighteen days later.
  • If you smoke cannabis two to four times per week, then there is a considerably higher amount of THC that can be detected in urine. In this case, THC can be detected up to thirty five days after the last smoke.
  • If you use marijuana even more heavily - such as five to six times per week - then THC can be detected in urine up to forty eight days after.
  • For daily users, the maximum amount of time that THC can be found in urine could be as much as three months after the last usage.
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Metabolites of cannabis do not adhere to melanin in the hair as much as other drugs. It's relatively useless except for heavy smokers. Gray hair adsorbs even less.

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Yeah, sorry to say, but you will be detected. I've smoked for years now and the only way you can smoke in a similar way to that is if you have about a week's time before the test. It will show up.
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Then you'd better get ready - as detectable traces of any drug can last up to 6 months after last usage with the new and improved super-sensitive drug tests.

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