I have been sick in the past 12 hours and i am really hungry so i had half a bread roll is that bad ?


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When you are sick, it is much better to fast until you begin to get over it & your state of wellness & your natural appetite return, of their own accord.
It is not recommended to eat mushy bread rolls when you feel sick, because sickness is really a therapeutic measure by your own body to throw off accumulated impurities -- so you are just defeating the object of that.
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No, not really. You have to drink plenty of water to wash down all the bacteria in your stomach and to keep you from getting dehydrated.
7 Up or Sprite, Bananas, Applesauce, Chicken soup, Clear broth, Jell-o, Hot herbal teas (a list of food you can have). Anything that's not real heavy on the stomach.

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