I Keep Being Sick In The Morning And Feeling Sick All Day. I Can't Be Pregnant. I Just Came Off My Period And I'm Taking The Pill And I Keep Feeling Dizzy. What Could Be Wrong With Me ?


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I feel exactly the same. Exept I'm on the mirena coil. Ive done a pregnancy test at the docs and it was negative, but I havnt had a period in around 3 months (due to the coil I think) I'm throwing up around an hour after waking up each morning, and feeling sick all day. Sweet smalls make it worse though. And ive got constant heartburn even though I'm taking lanzoprazole for it. I would realy like to know what this could be as the doctor is confused and thinks it may just be a bug, but its been happening for about a week or so now. Someone please help. X
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You have not mentioned that which pills and for what you are using. If you are using birth control pills, progesterone levels in pills causing mood changes and feeling of sickness. After periods some ladies feel sick due to blood loss. You can discus this problem with your doctor.
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I'm getting this. I'm on the contraceptive pill so I doubt it pregnancy. I get random parts of the day I feel sick and get tired I'm also weeing a lot. Today was the worse I was really tired and felt like I was going to throw up. But nothing is coming up. What is it?? I'm fed up of going to the doctors for things because they don't really help and sometimes when I go nothing is even wrong. So I don't really want to keep going in, and looking a pain.

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