Know of any methods to increase breast size? Or to stimulate growth?


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Hannah Truelove answered
Hey, I've heard that if you massage butter or olive oil on your boobs for at least 5 minutes, it should help. I, too, am looking for bigger boobs. That's why I am giving this a try. I am also taking D vitamins and drinking nothing but milk and eating lots of protein and dairy. They say you should do push-ups, but it actually makes them shrink, the muscle under the fat tightens, and it makes them smaller looking. I would avoid exercise, unless your boobs are saggy. So I'm not exercising as much as usual. I'm 16 and a 34B, and I'm looking to be a D. It's also in your genetics, like look at your relatives and see if they have big boobs. If they do, then most likely you will too. Hopefully this should work.

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