How Can I Tone Up My Body At Home Without Any Workout Equipment?


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There are a number of ways in which you can work out at home without using any work out equipment. All that you do need to have is will.
The most easy and perhaps the most useful thing you can do is take a walk or go jogging. This is an aerobic workout that helps with cardiovascular health. Keep your posture straight (your back should be exactly perpendicular to the ground), tuck your stomach in and breath normally. This helps you tone your legs and even give you a flatter tummy. You can go to a park for this, just run around the block or if you do not want to get out of the house, try walking around your room many times during the day while you listen to music or plan the day ahead.
Also, as feline as it may sound, you can greatly benefit from stretching. It is a great warm up exercise and helps to make your muscles more supple and toned. Stretch each part of your body in turn starting from the neck to the toes. This is also very relaxing and a great way to relieve stress.
Do you have any stairs in your home? Just a step would be enough actually. You can follow the following exercise as an aerobic workout that is especially good for your thighs and hips and also helps in improving back posture:
Stand with your feet slightly apart below the step. Now put the right foot on the step followed by the left foot. Then, climb down backwards by first bringing your right foot to its starting position and then the left one. Start with 20 times with your right foot and repeat for 20 times by starting with your left foot. You may take the number up to 100 in time.
Squats are also a very good way to tone the lower body. Stand straight with a straight back with your feet slightly apart. Then push yourself downwards without bending your back (only your knees should bend). Hold for 10 seconds and straighten up. Repeat for about 10-20 times.
To help tuck your tummy in, try  abdominal crunches. Lay down straight on the floor. Try sitting up and touching your toes. You probably would not be able to for some time but practice gives you the flexibility for this.
You may also try lying on the floor and pulling your legs up until they are  perpendicular to the floor. Then try reaching your toes with your hands without raising your back from the floor. This is more challenging but I have found this a perfect solution to flatten the abs before zipping up in a body hugging evening wear.
Also, use your imagination while you are at it. If you want to lift weights, how about a couple of books or cartons of milk? I have even used imaginary forces by putting force on my arms consciously so that I feel I am holding a heavy object. But make sure before you start any exercise that you are comfortable with the positions and that your doctor approves it for your state of health. Good luck!
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Do home exercise daily like yoga exercise, asanas etc. Otherwise you have to build a small home gym and exercise daily on it. If you want to buy home gym equipment daily.

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