How Do I Get A Flat Stomach And Tighter Abs Without Going On A Diet Or Taking Pills? I Don't Want To Loose Weight But Just Want To Tone My Body Up.


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Hi.Well I think solution to your problem is very simple. I had the same problem you are facing now,plus Ialso didn't want to follow any diet or something cause those things get you mentally stressed and your focus on other important things in your live moves to petty things. I think the best solution which really worked for me also is first of all make a normal healthy routine for your diet like make good eating habits.First of all keep in mind fruits are really good in general and they can help you a lot mentally as well as physically.Next see when can you spare one hour at least in a day. Normally doctors recommend brisk walk for 45mins daily for normal human body to be fit.Now these were the basics which you should look after. After you have done this for a week or so you can simply enjoy your routine and this exercise will become part of your routine. No sit ups push ups required though if you can do it its very good but only if you keep up with your exercise routine that will help you a lot.You can try and let me know the results.You will observe in not more than a month quite prominent change in your physique.You can constantly keep me updated about your progress I am also very health concious. I am mavrick_12 you can keep in touch any time. Take care. Bye for now.

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