A Woman Gave Natural Birth To Two Daughters Who Were Born In The Same Hour Of The Same Day Of The Same Month Of The Same Year But They Were Not Twins. How Could This Be Possible?


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They were triplets,the third child was a boy
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The explanation is :
There was also a little sister. They were not twins but triplets
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If you mean the same day of the week, they could have been born 9 or 10 months apart inthe same year.

For instance the first baby (let's say Harry) ws born at 8 am on a Monday in January 2006. THen the second (I'll call him Tom) was born on a Monday in November or December. (Could even be the same day of the month; for example the 10th.)

Could this be the answer? It would be unusual, of course, but I bet it's happened somewhere, sometime.
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I sort of hate to say this but maybe they don't have the same father, you know. They just aren't brother and brother.
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All I can think of is that she had a surrogate mother for the second child, I know, I am probably wrong. But I tried.
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Two child was born at the same time and place with the same mother but they are not twins how was it possible
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I read a story online about a woman having two uteruses and having babies in both... Technically they aren't twins, are they?
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It's not that they r not twins,they are but maybe they don't look identical.ok let me tell you something that happened to my aunt,she got pregnant with a boy and in between the manth she conceived a girl and gave birth to both as twins but the girl was premature they r not identical but still twins,they shared the same womb and were born the same day.

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