How does/did marijuana affect you? Why do you smoke it? Pro's and Con's?


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I have anxiety. It calms my nerves, mellows me out, and makes me more sociable. Without it, I am a nervous wreck. I've had anxiety issues since I was 12 and nothing ever seemed to help. I've been on several top-brand-name anti-depressants and it always made it worse. Marijuana not only calms my nerves, it also allows me to eat. I have a very sensitive stomach and usually can't bring myself to eat anything but bland foods. It also aids me in sleep. I naturally fight sleep, and used to get less than four hours of sleep a night. Now I get eight. For me, there are a lot of pros. That is not the case for everyone, nor am I claiming it to be a wonder drug. But it is my cure-all.
Cons: You get drug tested to get a secure job, and many people will always think that marijuana is bad. If they know I smoke it, they are more likely to not want anything to do with me. =( So judgmental.
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You have said almost exactly what I was going to say. Your experience is so close to mine it borders creepy.
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Oooo... I find that pretty freaking cool, myself! XD
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Most people smoke weed because they like its desired effects and the feelings it gives you and there are those few individuals that smoke it for medical reasons, pros to weed is that it makes you feel great for a short period of time and the cons are that it slowly destroys your brain cells and causes memory loss
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Appreciate your answer but the destroying brain cells and memory loss is just a theory. It has yet to be proven in studies worldwide because the governments around the world won't allow any long term testing on humans.. I've been smoking weed everyday for the past 15+ years now. I see no ill effects both physically and mentally. As a matter of fact I have only gotten sick once or twice in the past decade. I guess I'm performing my own personal studies on the long term effects of marijuana use
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Actually it doesn't destroy brain cells but it does cause them to go to sleep. They do not function correctly, if at all, and will wake back up awhile after you quit. This condition is what causes short term, temporary, memory los... What was I saying?
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I have never smoked anything, even marijuana. I just don't feel comfortable, and it's something I don't want to get into the habit of doing. It might not be 'addicting' but it can definitely become a habit at some point and I would rather away from it.

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