How Bad Is It To Take Antibiotics And Smoke Marijuana?


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It is unlikely that any negative outcome should befall a person who is taking antibiotics and smoking marijuana. Mixing marijuana and antibiotics should not actually impact on the efficacy of the antibiotics. Having said that, it is always best to check with a doctor before mixing antibiotics with anything, as they have the expertise to be able to provide you with up-to-date and relevant information.

If you are on antibiotics it is advised that alcohol is not taken, as this affects the impact of the antibiotic, as it effectively numbs the power that they have by flushing them through the system at too great a speed.

• Marijuana

Marijuana can affect the body in many ways. The heart rate will increase and continue to be increased for around 30 minutes after smoking the drug. If the drug is ingested in other forms increased heart rate may last longer. The blood pressure will change in the body and eye pressure will fall causing the whites of the eyes to appear pink. Some people complain of cold sensations in their hands and feet and may shiver all over. The muscles relax, and a dry mouth is also a common effect of taking marijuana.

• Antibiotics

All antibiotics have some side effects and the most common of these are diarrhea, headaches and nausea. Some antibiotics are obviously stronger than others and alcohol should be avoided when taking antibiotics. Most antibiotics users should also avoid driving whilst on the drugs and also should avoid using dangerous machinery.

A doctor should always be consulted when taking antibiotics, to ensure that any other substances are safe to use with the antibiotics.
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Marijuana will not effect the antibiotics. Drinking would be a problem, marijuana is HARMLESS
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There would be no interaction I don't know what all these other people are talking about
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It does not hurt it feels good.
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Marijuana doesn't affect organism like alcohol, so that it can be easily consumed with antibiotics and give no side effect. I had antibiotic therapy few times in my life, and the last one I combined it with medical weed vaping (with my vapor pot , not just a usual blunt).

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You need to stop spamming this site. Any kind of drug can interact with one another . Telling someone to smoke weed or use the oil with antibiotic is fine to take is no good . This is dangerous thing and you don't know what could happen.
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No, I wouldn't.  You don't know what side effects you will have.  It could be blurred vision to vomiting to anything.
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From a medcal standpoint, it is unhealthy to smoke anything. Marijuana is an illegal drug. Stay off the dope and take the antibiotics for whatever it is you have. Taking things that upset the balance of your system will not allow the antibiotics to work properly.

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