Can Two Brown Eyed Parents Have A Blue-eyed Child If One Of His Grandparents Has Blue Eyes?


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Yes it is in your or someone genes
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That's veeery possible :) My dad has blue eyes and both of his parents have brown eyes,and his grandfather had blue eyes.Then my mother has brown eyes and so does her father,and the blue eye gene passed to me.
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Yep, they can, both my parents have dark brown eyes and dark color hair, my older sister turn out to have bright blue eyes and blonde hair, My middle sister and I both have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, my older sister got her blue eyes and blonde hair from my aunt.
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Your older sister actually got her blue eyes and blonde hair from BOTH SIDES OF the family as both these traits are recessive. See answer above.
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Blue eyes is a recessive trait. This means that to have blue eyes a child has to inherit the blue gene from BOTH parents . So the blue eyed gene has to be passed on through both parental lines.( Unlike a dominant trait that will show with the gene from one parent only ). So two  brown parents can have a blue eyed child BUT ONLY if both parents are carrying the gene for blue and the ova and sperm which made the said child both  contained the blue allele.//// The mendelian chances for two brown eyed parents ,both carriers for blue is 1 blue eyed out of every 4
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YES. Both my parents had browns, yet both me and my brother have blue eyes. The reason for this is that both of their parents (my grandparents) had one with blue eyes, and one with blue eyes. Most of their children had brown eyes. Of the 17 children in my father's family (his siblings), one boy had blue eyes. Of the 12 children in my mothers family (her siblings), one girl had blue eyes. Therefore, both my parents carried a recessive gene for blue eyes. And voila, two children, both with blue eyes.
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Yes.  Both parents may be carriers of a gene for blue eyes (we know at least one of them are, as the grandfather is pure recessive, meaning he has blue eyes  He must give one of his genes, which is certainly a blue-eyed gene, to his child, who becomes a carrier for the gene). I'm not going to go into detail (for that, you have to study punnett squares and biology), but if the other parent also has a gene for blue eyes (their brown-eyed gene is the dominant one, so it's the only one that shows up in the parent), then each parent would contribute their gene for blue eyes, and voila!  Blue-eyed baby!
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It's quite possible.
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Yes, it is kind of rare, but extremely possible. I don't know the exact science but it has alot to do with the kid's genes. Wish I could have been of more help. Maybe, I'll do a little research and get back to you. Good luck. (:
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For a blue eyed child to occur the point that matters is that both parents MUST have a blue eyed allele to pass on to the child .

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