What Causes Body Odour?


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walter jedyk answered
Heavy sweating, the less you shower it gets worse.
Arthur Craig Profile
Arthur Craig answered
Depends where the odor is coming from. Could be body cooling its self. Then again could be sign of sickness present either internally or externally...  Probably would be a good idea to seek some soap and clean water.
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The Instigator answered
It doesn't actually come from the smell of sweat that's mostly salt water. It is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. However the bacteria only grow on certain body areas. I don't think any two people have the exact same odor. Going back to the early ages of man, I think it was a way to recognize people by their odor much like dogs do today.  Certain races also have distinct odors.
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jacques slabouz answered
Drinking to much liquor..(alcohol)...coming out thru your pours...
Hence the phrase....Stinking Drunk!...lol.
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
Exercising !!!!
Karen Profile
Karen answered
Not taking a shower...why, do have body odor? Do u use underarm deo?
John Profile
John answered
A lot of things can cause body odor,your detergent,your water,your soap,your deodorant,your diet,certain illnesses, your surroundings.believe it or not your body can absorb chemicals/or materials from animal/vegetable/minerals and they can release them when you sweat.
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yarnlady answered
Sometimes the smell comes from the bacteria that accumulates in the sweat and dirt. Other times it comes from something that has come from inside the body, such as an illness, food, or medication.
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aileeny answered
Body Odour is actually caused by the actions of bacteria acting upon the sweat. It cannot do this on a person who washes daily.

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