Who would you call if you were going to hospital for a few days?


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Raj Daphal answered
Probably i wil cal my wife but i am not married then i may cal my girlfriend but unfortunately i havnt her then i may  cal  my mom or dad but unfortunately they r away from me so i wil cal my best friends to help me bcz a friend is who help us in trouble
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Keith Old
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Indeed Rajdaphal
Jack Mahon
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So you'd call all these others before you would call a friend. I'd tell you to go to Hell, who wants to be a last resort.
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Joe B. answered
Probably my mom, but if she weren't alive there is really nobody I would think to bother with my problems..... Friends and friends, chances are they were with me when I was admitted.
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Annie Devore answered
I Have No Parents Or Grandparents  My Step Mom..My Friends Here At The Apartment Complex..  Friends At Church..  All My Friends  At PARC. My Brothers And Sisters  Who Are Kind Of Hard To Get  In Touch With. So I'd Leave A Message On Their Cell Phone. My Ex Hasn't Called Me Or Asked About My Sons In 5 Years So I Don't Know About That One.. It's A Real Question If He'd Care. My Step Mom Lives In Another State  As Does All But One Of My Brothers And Sisters.. But She Calls Me Every Sunday To See How I Am.
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I would call my children and their mother (my ex) first so they could contact me in the case of an emergency on any of our parts. I would also call my big brother and my parents. So they could do likewise. The rest of my family could be informed by my parents.
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My husband would know as soon as I know so he would not need a phone call (more than likely it it were serious,  he would be at the doctor's office with me).  After that, my children would be informed.  Next would come my friends and then my friends at church.  Finally, I would contact my 2 brothers who live out of state.
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Well, if I was going in for some serious rectal surgery or hemorrhoid removal, I would be nervous and need a bit of sympathy and empathy.  My first call would be to Bonghit. No one is more knowledgable about pain in the asses than he. I would then call my prepaid funeral director, the the excavator man to start the hole, and a priest, just on the outside chance all this religion balderdash may have some validity, I mean this is no time for second guessing.
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My family and friends
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I would only need one phone call, to my husband on his Blackberry. From there, he would notify everyone.

It's interesting you would ask, just yesterday I got an e-mail from my son in Sweden saying he was in the hospital with a metal plate holding his femur together. He is in recovery from a severe stroke three years ago, and tripped over his cat. He got a really bad break.

I have borrowed the money for the flight overseas so I can be with him for a few days, at least.
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If it was only for a few days & nothing serious, I'd call my S.O.. Then I'd call my sisters & my best friend. But I wouldn't want them to worry or come running to be with me. Just my S. O. Has to do that !!
I wouldn't bother calling to tell my kids, I'd tell them later...coz they live too far away n' it wouldn't B worth coming for just a few days, for nothing serious.
Unless it was serious....then I would.
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Usually no one as they can't really do anything to help and it would cost them time and money if they left work.people have bills to pay and their own families to take care of. I see no need to put a extra burden on them.if the doctors don't know what to do i'm(your ) in trouble anyway.: ). Besides i don't think they need to see my rear end hanging out of one of those hospital gowns.hahahaha.
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I suppose the hospital would notify next of kin if something really bad happened. :) . Besides i can't stand having people/family members hovering over me when i am sick even if they mean well. I guess you could say i make a bad patient,like a doctor does because they know wht is going to be done to them.

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