Why are girls so moody when they have their periods?


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Forest Lone answered
Women are emotional. Way their brains are wired. Hormones affect that and your monthly are triggered by your hormones. Hormones don't know to stay in one area in a body when your heart pumps everywhere. So needless to say, your brain has blood flow, thus hormones affect your brain triggering emotions.
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Kaitlin Bleh answered
It's hormones and it doesn't really feel good to be bleeding down there and have pads on and have cramps. You just feel gross. And again hormones.
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caren coco answered
Because their hormons would be working ....and u would get really angry bcz ur in pain....
Tammy Keller Profile
Tammy Keller answered
It's all about the hormones...
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Donna Kebab answered
Hormone related stuff
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Iyonna Wizard answered
Because most of the time the pain is unbearable so we get annoyed easily and want to take it out on everyone.
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magi grabus answered
In my opinion its because the girls think that there is something wrong with them. But its like a hyprcondriacs or however you spell it. Its all in you head!
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erik hubbard answered
Because it is irritating aint it the blood , the cramps come on did you realy have to ask that or are you craveing some attention?
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Kathy Ruiz answered
Idk but im on my period right now & i just cried for 2 whole hours because i lost my brand new bracelet :'(

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