What Do Teens Use Rubber Bands For In Drug Use?


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Usually, these bands are used as tourniquets, which are constricting or ‘compressing’ devices that are used in order to control both venous and arterial circulation to a part of the body, like an arm or a leg. This is done for a given period of time and is used to help find a vein that can be used for an injection.

This is done by simply wrapping the rubber band around their arm or leg for a given period of time, or until they can see a vein that is going to be of use to them. These are not just used by teenagers, however. This is a generalisation that must not continue to occur. Instead, tourniquets are used by all people that are involved with intravenous drug use.

When drug addicts have been using a drug like heroin for a large period of time, their veins begin to collapse. This is because they are constantly damaging them through the use of a needle, and hence rubber bands and other forms of tourniquets become necessary if they want to find somewhere else they can inject themselves.

Tourniquets are sometimes just pieces of string or anything else that is long. They are applied by being wrapped around the extremity, and pulled. Usually, friends will have to help with this as the individual uses their free hands to make sure that the injection gets into their body properly. Suffering from a drug addiction like this is something that should be frowned on, but these people also need to be helped. Drug addiction clinics are available throughout the United Kingdom, United States, and other countries across the world. The help these people need is always available, no matter how old they may be.
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Rubber bands wrapped tightly around the arm, leg, wrist etc, is used as a tourniquet for IV drug users.

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