What Causes Bad Blood Circulation?


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Eating foods with grease on them
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You can have poor circulation, from sitting idle, and not moving around enough, or cholesterol in the arteries, blood clots, all kinds of reasons really, you should go and see a doctor if you are feeling that you aren't circulating well enough. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I have a possible blood circulation problem in my left arm. I am saying "possible", because I haven't been diagnosed yet.  I have this problem more than a month. I don't know what's the reason. I have seen a doctor, he didn't really figure it out. The problem is that my arm is so sensitive to weather changes, and I always feel a pressure, like someone compresses my arm. Usually it gets completely paralyzed. I can't carry anything heavy with my arm.  Recently I have been to a doctor again, and this time he asked my for blood analysis.
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High blood pressure, not enough exercise

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