What Causes A Bad Smell In The Blood, When Menstruating?


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When menstruating there is usually a faint smell of blood and this is quite normal. For some women this can be a very unpleasant smell. Unfortunately, without having more information about your health, and as I am not a trained medical expert, I can only give suggestions as to what this smell may be. If you experience any other unpleasant symptoms, or want a more accurate and qualified opinion, go to your doctor today where they will be able to access your full health record and advise you accordingly.
What could be causing an unpleasant smell when menstruating?

- Some women can detect a smell that may be caused by not changing sanitary towels or washing the vaginal area often enough. By washing regularly during their period they may notice a reduced smell.

- If you have darker blood, or have noticed any other changes in the appearance of the period, this could be a sign of a vaginal infection.

- Some women who eat a lot of food out of cans, or who have been taking antibiotics, may notice a smell caused by a metal toxicity in the blood. Eating more fruit and vegetables could reduce the bad smell.

- A bad smell in menstrual blood could also be a sign of e-coli. This can be spread to the vagina if the anus is wiped after going to the toilet and the vagina is then wiped after, spreading bacteria from the anus to the vagina.
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Blood itself has a specific smell. If you are having smell other than blood's smell then one reason of bad smell of menstrual blood is E. Coli infection. These bacteria are present in stool and can travel from anus to vagina as both organs are present very close to each other. These bacteria can change the pH of vagina which encourages bacterial growth leading to bad smell. These bacteria can also be transmitted if you wash anus first after passing stool and then vagina.
Normal pH of vagina is acidic. This acidity can protect from bacterial infection. During periods, pH of vagina becomes alkaline providing environment for bacterial growth leading to bad smell periods.
If you have bad smell periods then visit to doctor for the treatment of bacterial infections.

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My period blood smells really bad what is this
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Periods stink all the time...hate it .

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